Gustavo Allebrandt

Technical Artist

Unity Bootcamp

Unity Bootcamp was the official Unity 3.0 technical demo developed for Unity Technologies at Aquiris Game Studio in 2010. The main goal was to show the new features of the Unity 3.0 version, such as the Beast Lightmapping, Occlusion Culling, Deffered Rendering and more. The project source was released with the Unity 3.0 installer and is still available for download at the Unity Asset Store.

Dummy Enemy

In this project I was responsible for modeling and texturing the enemy dummy located in the training field and set up the model to be destroyed when the player shoots on it. The model has a normal map that was baked from a simple high-poly model created from the low modeling. I also did some decals textures and I created a destroyed car prop used in the environment.

Unity Bootcamp Dummy Unity Bootcamp Dummy Unity Bootcamp Dummy Wireframe Unity Bootcamp Dummy Maps

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