Gustavo Allebrandt

Technical Artist


My name is Gustavo Allebrandt. I live in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil. I have enjoyed technology for a long time; however in 2007 I had the opportunity to go deeply into it and I started working in this field.

From the beginning of my career I have worked in projects for great companies such as Cartoon Network, EA Games, Unity Technologies, Coca-Cola, Ford, Globo, Olympikus, Petrobras and more.

I started working as a Front End Developer at W3Haus using HTML/CSS/JS and after that I moved to Flash, programming and animating interactive websites and applications. By using Flash I had the opportunity to learn more about AS3, OOP, MVC and UI animation.

In the gaming industry I started working at Aquiris Game Studio. For more than three and a half years inside the studio, I had the opportunity to do different tasks such as modeling, texturing, animation, vfx and programming. By doing that I was able to understand the main steps in the game development process for standalone devices like PC/Mac and mobile, iOS/Android.

I have been using Unity 3D as a game engine for a long time, it helps me to create and set up effects, particles, lightmaps, shaders and scripts. For modeling and animation I use 3DSMax, and in some cases ZBrush helps me with organic shapes. I have been also developing tools for 3DSMax using MaxScript. For Unity I have been creating shaders using Surface Shader and CG Language and editor tools using C#.


Today I am working full time as a freelancer. If you liked my work and enjoyed my profile, please feel free to get in touch.


To see my full resume, you can access my LinkedIn profile.


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Gustavo Allebrandt