Gustavo Allebrandt

Technical Artist

Catacomb Snatch HTML5

I reproduced part of the Catacomb Snatch game developed by Mojang in February, 2012 for a game jam in 60 hours.
My main goal was to learn more about HTML5 canvas and Javascript to use in games. The art used in the demo was all created by Mojang and Catacomb Snatch Community.

To play the demo you have to use the arrow keys to move the character, press Z to run and X to shoot.


The code is separated into two files, canvas2d.js and game.js. The first one is a small framework that I have created to manage sprites, animations, effects and render, and second file has the game logic.
During the game, you can press the I and O key to see the debug log and debug collisions information respectively.

Project Informations