Gustavo Allebrandt

Technical Artist

Off! O Fim da Picada

A tower defense advergame developed for Off Cosmetics brand at Aquiris Game Studio, in this game the player has to use frogs, electrical equipments and the product being announced as a special power to defeat all kinds of mosquitoes. The game was developed to run on Facebook although unfortunately is no longer available.

Character Art

I was responsible for producing all characters in the game based on concept arts.

High Poly Real-time Render

Below you can see a simple high poly version of the three frogs available in the game that I did just for fun. It’s being rendered in real-time with Xoliulshader 2 inside 3dsmax.

Sapo Boi Sapo Cururu Perereca
Low Poly Models

Here are the low poly models used inside the game. Many enemies have a mesh variation, having only minor changes among them, which allowed the main work to the texture of the models, saving time to produce all the enemies that the gameplay required.


Project Informations


People directly involved with my work in this project.